Quality Bedford Florists

Quality Bedford Florists

Flowers make the world go round, brighten your mood and make a house a home. Choosing quality Bedford florists will make the difference between receiving a beautiful bouquet, wreath or hand tied bunch of flowers and receiving an unknown display of questionable quality and beauty.

Qualified and experienced florists have an eye for beauty, creating stunning bouquets and flower arrangements just for you and your requirements. Choose your favourite blooms and have your florist create a perfect bouquet or wreath for you and your needs.

Flowers are a wonderful way to say I love you, get well soon, I miss you, good luck or to pass on sympathy and regret. Whatever your message, flowers are perfect for you.

Local Bedford Florists will make your custom display just for you, tailor made displays add personalisation making your gift unique and personal.

With seasonal blooms and flowers on offer, you get fresh blooms that will last longer. The alternative id supermarket flowers which may initially look cheaper and a possible alternative, however, you have to deliver them yourselves, they are a simple bunch of flowers and not a custom creation.

Additionally, supermarket flowers are often older, having been in their supply chain for days before they go in display. This means that they don’t last as long in the vase and so don’t look as good.

Choose reputable Bedford Florist Pick-a-lily Florists and you will be safe in their hands, form sharing your ideas through to delivery of your chosen flowers, beautifully displayed in the stunning arrangement of your choosing.

MEWPs Hire Northamptonshire

MEWPs Hire Northamptonshire

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are the safe way to work at height in a controlled way with limited risk.

Reaching those high access areas whether it is occasional for maintenance, servicing, etc. or whether your platform access needs are more regular such as in warehousing whereby you need constant access to stock racking, platform hire companies such as Liftright access offer affordable, well maintained access platforms on long and short term hire contracts depending on your needs.

Some businesses need long term platform hire so they have machines on site all the time for constant access for personnel. Others only require a platform infrequently. Liftright deliver and collect a wide range of mobile platforms, offering advice and guidance so you get the ideal platform for your needs, powered by the fuel that best suits your requirements.

Northamptonshire Delivery

Liftright deliver across the UK including to Northamptonshire from their Bedford Base. Delivery is fast and effective designed to coinside with your requirements. They also provide training for operatives so you keep your personnel safe and meet health and safety legislation requirements.

Working safely at height is an important part of running your business efficiently. Less accidents, less downtime, safer working and effective risk management make your business more effective.

Ask Liftright Access Platforms Northamptonshire for a price for your long or short term hire requirements. They have acceess platforms from all the major platform manufacturers, SkyJack, JLG, Niftylift, Genie and Dingli.

MEWPs Hire Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire has a growing business base. As part of the Oxford, Cambridge corridor, Northamptonshire is in the heart of the technology corridor with a rapidly growing number of businesses in the county.

Work safely, work smart, choose quality MEWPs hire from Liftright Access and take your business to the next level.


Shopping Online Today

Shopping Online Today

Shopping online today has been made secure, easy and accessible to almost all of us, but it still needs a little common sense to keep your financial transactions secure online, and a few brief checks as you go along can help you to help yourself to stay secure.

Always use a credit card when paying online for any purchase that is over one hundred pounds. Provided it is also under thirty thousand pounds (more than that would be a pretty impressive buy when shopping online!), the transaction falls under the Consumer Credit Act of Continue reading “Shopping Online Today”

Take Better Photographs

Photographs That Sell

If you want to take better photographs, you need to understand the three main elements that make up a photo.

Digital SLR cameras have three main controls that affect an image; shutter speed, aperture and ISO. These three work together to optimize the final image and control the light permitted into the lens and the image sensor.

Shutter speed is an important setting, especially if you Continue reading “Take Better Photographs”

Anatomy Of The Perfect Backlink

What Is A High Quality backlink?

If you have found this article then you already know that you need to build backlink trust and authority…. but…. the million dollar question is where do you find good linking opportunities, how do you construct an ideal backlink so it is really powerful and influential over your Google ranking.

How Will A Backlink Help You?

Each backlink counts as a ‘vote’ for or against your site page content. The more good quality links you have, that pass quality and trust signals, the higher you will Continue reading “Anatomy Of The Perfect Backlink”

Traffic Cameras

Looking At Traffic Cameras Looking At You

The first hand-held radar guns were the first tool that the police employed to accurately determine a motorist’s speed. Through the wonders of technology, drivers can be caught speeding through sensors buried under the road surface, and any manner of machine, from cameras all the way through to being tracked by satellite.

To what extent roadside cameras evolved as safety cameras or speed cameras is for each and every driver to decide, but the net result, unless you are an habitual speedster, is the same.

The first fixed roadside speed/safety cameras in the UK were Continue reading “Traffic Cameras”